The Board of Directors is comprised of an executive; President, 1st Vice-President and 2nd Vice-President, and Directors elected from the membership at Component Annual meetings. Component executives are also elected at Component Annual meetings. The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and policy making of the Union between biennial conventions.

Through a formula based on membership totals, representation at the Board level covers all of our Public Sector Components and Private Sector Locals.

  • Position 1st Vice-President
  • Position Director, Administrative Assistants
  • Position Director, CCNB Education (Instructional)
  • Position Director, NBCC Education (Instructional)
  • Position 2nd Vice-President
  • Position Director, Specialized Health Care Professionals
  • Position Director, Resource Services
  • Position Director : Laboratory and Medical, Technical Inspection
  • Position Director : Highway Supervisors, Professional Services for Students in the Public School System
  • Position Director : Education Part 1 Non-Instructional, Industrial Training and Certification Officers
  • Position Director, NBCC Administrative and Program Support Services, Education Part 1 Non-Instructional
  • Position Director, Private Sector: Carleton Kirk Lodge, Loch Lomond Villa, Villa Chaleur
  • Position Director (Acting), Engineering and Field
  • Position Director, Private Sector: Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority, St. George Outside Workers, Woodstock Police, Moosehead Local 362
  • Position Director, Medical Science Professionals
  • Position Director, Clerical and Regulatory