Thursday, June 30, 2022

NBU message for Canada Day

Throughout the pandemic many people have sought to divide Canadians through misinformation, hatred and outright lies for their own personal gain.
Be it financially or politically motivated, it has worked. The political conversation in the country at all levels has become toxic. Hatred is commonly spewed towards people for simply having an opposing view.
Misinformation disseminated through social media has many distrusting all they hear from health care providers to friends, family and colleagues.
At a political level, the pandemic has been politicized to justify anything. Many have used it to call elections early in a bid to gain a majority. Others have used it to keep money earmarked to help citizens to prop up budget numbers to make themselves appear to be financially astute when in reality all they did was receive money from Ottawa.
Others have used it to drive a wedge between Canadians in a bid to gain power. Numerous MPs endorsed the actions of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ and their occupation of the nation’s capital, including several New Brunswick MPs.
The political discourse inside of our legislative buildings is nothing more than theatre as one side bellows accusations while the other doesn’t answer questions and lobs their own accusations.
All of this is a distraction from the rich hoarding more wealth and those with power gaining more of it by pitting us against each other. All the while, the average Canadian is faced with higher prices for everything from gas to homes to food.
As Canadians, we have much more in common than we realize. We shouldn’t be focused on fighting for scraps left over from the rich and powerful, but rather working towards a more equitable society.
We need a transfer of power from the elites back to working Canadians. Unions are part of the solution along with grassroots community organizations fighting for housing rights, better health care, and numerous other causes.
This Canada Day, take the time to look at the situation in your community, your province and start to think about the Canada you want to live in, the New Brunswick you want to call home.
Our differences, though they may seem big, are not. Our common values and want for a better future are more aligned than we think.
We have the ability to make this a better country for all, now we need to build the will to make it happen.