Friday, April 22, 2022

Facts not feelings need to be in charge

The provincial healthcare system is being stressed to its breaking point.
This is not up for debate.
There are numbers to back it up. Five New Brunswick hospitals have reached or exceeded their capacity according to numbers released by the Vitalité Health Network.
On the Horizon side, two hospitals are operating at nearly 100 per cent capacity. There are hundreds of staff off due COVID-19. Hundreds of patients have been admitted for the virus, many in intensive care.
The numbers show a crisis point, our political leaders are not acting accordingly.
Instead, we see them playing games on how to define COVID-19 patients in hospitals. Did they come in with COVID-19? Did they acquire after they were admitted? This is a waste of time, we don’t need semantics, we need leadership.
Successive governments have contributed to the decline of the healthcare system. No matter the party or Premier, all promised to improve the system, but given the state we’re in, none followed through.
The most important resource in healthcare are trained professionals and we need more of them. While technology and innovation can help, nothing is more important than the people who do the job.
Our leaders know this and talk about recruitment and retention often, but rarely, if ever, does it lead to tangible results.
A cynic would say letting the healthcare system reach this point during a pandemic would be a way to try and begin the move to privatized healthcare, but we will give the current government the benefit of the doubt that they want to maintain and improve the current system.
Until the efforts of recruitment and retention bear fruit and we have enough people working in the system, we need our elected officials to lead. We need to bring back protections to try and slow the spread of the virus. Simply asking people to assess their own risk is, quite frankly, a cop out by politicians.
In the middle of the pandemic, Premier Higgs called an election. The pandemic was not new, he knew the challenge that was waiting for him. So whether he’s tired of COVID-19 or not is irrelevant, he asked for this, now he needs to step up and do the job.