Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Provincial Forest Rangers helping across the country

With wildfires burning in provinces across the country, New Brunswick’s Forest Rangers have been and continue to lend their expertise and manpower to quell the flames.
Forest Rangers are represented by the New Brunswick Union (NBU).
Recently, 46 returned from fighting wildfires in British Columbia with two more leaving this week to help. A group of 21 recently left to help combat wildfires in Manitoba. Crews from the province are also working in Ontario as wildfires are burning in the northern part of the province.
Troy Adams, supervisor for the forest fire management section of the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development, said there are some students studying to be Forest Rangers as part of the crews headed to BC, Manitoba and Ontario.
“It’s quite a good experience for them to be part of and many of them do end up as Forest Rangers working with us after their graduation,” he said.
In addition to helping fellow Canadians in trying times, Adams said the experience and knowledge they gain working in these conditions is valuable as it can be applied to similar situations should they arise in New Brunswick.
President of the NBU Susie Proulx-Daigle said the work of Forest Rangers is a point of pride for the union and its members.
“We’re very appreciative of the work they are doing on behalf of their fellow Canadians as well as the work they do here, in their home province, each and every day,” she said.