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New contract for NBCC Instructors officially signed

4 / 24 / 2018

Members of the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Instructors group represented by the New Brunswick Union (NBU) and officials from NBCC officially signed a new collective agreement on Tuesday, April 24.The five-year and three-month agreement dates back to May 1, 2015 and expires May 1, 2020. A tentative deal between the two sides was reached in early November of 2017 and NBCC Instructors voted in favour of ratifying the agreement later that month.On hand for the signing were members of...

Day of Mourning events in New Brunswick

4 / 17 / 2018

Health and safety is of the utmost importance in the workplace.In order for people to be at their best on the job, they need to feel safe and secure. For an employer, providing and maintaining a safe work site means better production and less time lost to injury.Workplace health and safety takes on an even bigger meaning this time of year.The National Day of Mourning - held each year on April 28 - honours those killed or injured while on...

NBU asks members to donate Loblaw cards to NBAFB

4 / 5 / 2018

A little more than one year ago, the New Brunswick Union (NBU) board of directors chose the New Brunswick Association of Food Banks (NBAFB) as its charity of choice.This meant, for the next three years, the union will contribute $12,000 per year to the NBAFB to help with its work throughout the province. The NBAFB is a non-profit, charitable organization whose membership is comprised of food banks and soup kitchens throughout the province of New Brunswick.There are a total of...

Changes needed for school psychologists

3 / 29 / 2018

Sixty-six kilometres. If a person wishing to work as a school psychologist drove this distance beginning in Moncton and stopping in Amherst, Nova Scotia the difference in their profession would be immense. On the New Brunswick side the caseload is anywhere from two to seven times higher than the ratio recommended by the National Association of School Psychologists. The pay could be anywhere from $10,000-25,000 higher just from that short drive. It's no wonder our province struggles to recruit and retain school psychologists...

National Union statement on Unifor and the Canadian Labour Congress

3 / 28 / 2018

Last week the National Executive Board of Unifor announced that Unifor was, effective immediately, disaffiliating from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is deeply disappointed in this decision and is concerned about the impact that it will have on the labour movement, at both the activist and leadership levels.Unifor has argued that their decision to disaffiliate was made in furtherance of the principle of defending workers’ democratic rights within their unions. However...

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