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Statement from NBU President Susie Proulx-Daigle re: property tax assessments

4 / 4 / 2017

The New Brunswick Union is deeply troubled by the statements made recently by Premier Gallant in regards to the property tax situation.First and foremost, the blame for this problem does not sit with the assessors, it rests with the elected officials. They need to take responsibility for their actions in this matter.Assessors had nothing to do with the development and deployment of the formula the Premier spoke about at his press conference.As per media reports, the problems can be traced...


3 / 24 / 2017

    PAY EQUITY JOB EVALUATION STUDY NEW BRUNSWICK UNION OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE EMPLOYEES & THE GOVERNMENT OF NEW BRUNSWICK MARCH 24, 2017       PROGRESS REPORT The Joint Steering Committee had selected additional male comparators for the Joint Pay Equity Evaluation Committee (JPEEC) to evaluate in order to ensure the process of identifying inequities was thorough.  The JPEEC completed the evaluations and all work is finalized.   The Joint Steering Committee met in the Fall of 2016 and had jointly agreed that pay inequities do exist for...

Provincial government prioritizes needs of business over jobs of New Brunswickers

3 / 17 / 2017

The provincial government recently decided to place the needs of business above the rights and jobs of New Brunswickers.The New Brunswick Union recently organized and initiated the collective bargaining process for previously non-bargaining employees of Mount St. Joseph and Miramichi Senior Citizens Home.With a new 240-bed nursing home on the horizon in Miramichi - which will replace Mount St. Joseph and Miramichi Senior Citizens Home - the NBU sought to have the newly unionized groups receive the same protections as...

Alberta to ban paid plasma clinics

3 / 16 / 2017

The New Brunswick Union is applauding the efforts of the Alberta government to protect our national blood and plasma supply.The province of Alberta introduced legislation earlier this week to ban private, for-profit plasma collection clinics within its borders. Once the legislation is passed, Alberta will become the third province to ban the private clinics along with Quebec and Ontario."We were very pleased to see the Alberta government take a step towards banning these clinics and protecting our national blood and...

International Women's Day

3 / 8 / 2017

With March 8 marking International Women's Day, I want to take a moment to salute women past and present who have played an integral part of building our country into the caring and compassionate land we call home.Women have fought hard to gain our rights throughout the course of history and we honour their sacrifices by continuing that fight today.We have come a long way, but the work is far from over.Today, we pause to remember the tremendous contributions of...

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