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Stand! In theatres Friday

11 / 27 / 2019

On Friday, November 29, the movie musical Stand! will be released in Cineplex theatres to audiences across Canada.The movie, already called the “next Norma Rae,” is the result of a partnership between the labour movement in Canada and the United States, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the movie’s producers.The movie, set during the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, is about an immigrant Romeo and Juliet's battle for love and a better future during a time of social upheaval. Director...

Mariane Rioux recipient of national scholarship

11 / 8 / 2019

Each year the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) – of which the New Brunswick Union (NBU) is a member – awards six scholarships that reflect its pursuit of equal opportunity for all workers.The scholarships are available to the children/grandchildren and foster children/grandchildren of the current 390,000 members of NUPGE.The NBU is proud to announce this year’s recipient of the Scholarship for LGBTQ2 Students is Mariane Rioux. As the first winner of NUPGEs newest scholarship, Mariane reflected on...

Selesse earns accolades

11 / 6 / 2019

Roger Selesse, a New Brunswick Union member with the Resource Services component, has been named New Brunswick’s Wildlife Officer of the Year by the Shikar-Safari Club.The group honours conservation officers throughout Canada and the United States who show exemplary commitment to the protection of wildlife and the enforcement of conservation laws.With more than 30 years of experience, Selesse earned the recognition through his work with activities including hunter education and Fish NB Days, among others.Based in Campbellton, Selesse is a...

Thibodeau honoured for his work

10 / 31 / 2019

Conservation Officer Bob Thibodeau was recently honoured for making his community a better place.Thibodeau, who has more than 25 years of service with the province, earned the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers awarded on behalf of the Governor General of Canada.The New Brunswick Union member working out of the Chipman office of Inspection and Enforcement New Brunswick with the Department of Public Safety, has volunteered with numerous organizations throughout the years including working with youth and law enforcement as well groups...

Radio-Canada highlights hard work of NBU Member

10 / 25 / 2019

For 31 years, Denis Léger has been protecting New Brunswick’s forests and wildlife as a Conservation Officer.A member of the New Brunswick Union in the Resource Services component, Léger and his colleagues do tremendous work on behalf of the people of New Brunswick.Radio-Canada recently spent a day with Léger to get a sense of the work he and his fellow Conservation Officers undertake on a daily basis. We encourage everyone to click here to read the story and to learn...

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