Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Know who you are in this election

This election, know who you are.
It’s the one thing the New Brunswick Union (NBU) asks of you when we head to the polls on Sept. 14.
As a union we are non-partisan. We don’t ask you to back any specific candidate or party, but we do ask to remember who you are.
You are part of the labour movement.
That means you have a responsibility to make an informed choice, not just vote for the colour of a party.
It means taking the time to look at what the candidates are proposing and make an informed choice. A choice that reflects your values.
It also means understanding who you are.
When you hear the provincial economy is projected to recover better and faster than most other provinces, don’t chalk that up to the work of politicians.
You and the thousands of other workers across our province are responsible for that happening.
If a candidate attributes how well the province did during COVID-19 to specific government actions, remember it was you and your families that made sacrifices to help in the fight.
Remember that for months our political leaders set aside partisanship and worked together, but for whatever reasons, decided to send us back to the polls while this pandemic continues.
Know that potential political gain was more important than the safety and security of the people of New Brunswick.
Remember our province spent among the least to help its citizens during the pandemic. We persevered because of ourselves, our families, our friends and our communities.
Remember we are part of the labour movement, an entity that has always sought to uplift all working people. As a member, we’re asking you to find candidates that will not only help improve your life, but those of all New Brunswickers.
We are labour and without us, this province doesn’t function. Workers are the economic engine of New Brunswick.
So we ask you to remind our politicians of this fact when you speak with them and when you cast your ballot on Sept. 14.