Wednesday, January 9, 2019

What is the Corporate Image?

In recent weeks some former employees of Cannabis NB have been in contact with the New Brunswick Union regarding their recent termination.
Among the reasons given is they didn’t reflect the corporate image of Cannabis NB or they were not an organizational fit. This is concerning on many levels, but the most obvious is the complete lack of clarity.
The terms “corporate image” and “organizational fit” are vague at best. The “corporate image” statement is really nothing more than a buzz term made to sound important but is actually hollow.
Unless Cannabis NB can describe what its “corporate image” is – none of the people we’ve spoken with say it is defined anywhere in writing – then it is rendered meaningless.
One could argue that Cannabis NB might not have clear idea of what constitutes its corporate image as it has already encountered difficulty in terms of the images it’s trying to project. According to media reports, Cannabis NB’s website contained photos of pictures of people smiling, posing for selfies and holding yoga poses – images that may violate federal regulations.
The Crown agency replaced those pictures of painting supplies, books and chairs.
Cannabis NB is in its infancy and while it may have an idea of the type of image it wants to project, it takes time to develop a reputation, at least a positive one.
On the flip side, a poor reputation can develop quickly amongst employees when they feel they’re colleagues are being treated unfairly and communication from head office to management to employees is lacking.
Everyone understands that not every job will work out, but professionalism dictates you give people a valid reason for why it doesn’t work, not corporate buzz words.
Respect and loyalty are earned and it goes both ways between an employer and employees.
The New Brunswick Union takes pride in helping to foster healthy workplaces while ensuring the rights of workers are protected. We believe unionization can be beneficial for all involved. We encourage all Cannabis NB employees to explore their options and determine what is right for themselves and their colleagues.