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Respectful negotiations top priority

9 / 16 / 2020

The people of New Brunswick have spoken with Monday’s election results.Premier Blaine Higgs and the Progressive Conservative Party won a majority government. The New Brunswick Union offers its congratulations to the Premier and his team.Now it’s time to move forward with the work of government. For the NBU, this means we will be heading to the negotiating table soon as many of our contracts have expired or will be in the near future.As always, we’re prepared to enter into fair...

Election Scorecard

9 / 11 / 2020

The following is a scorecard regarding certain issues our members have identified as important relating to the NBU and labour in general. We encourage all members to read the party platforms in full.  

Labour Day is a time to reflect and relax

9 / 4 / 2020

We have faced a difficult year and it’s not over.A global pandemic and civil unrest throughout the world continue, while here in our province we’re faced with going to the polls for an election most New Brunswickers didn’t want.However, this Labour Day I encourage you to spend the time thinking positively. Our province fared extremely well during the first wave of COVID-19 because of the sacrifices and hard work of people like you.Many experts are predicting our economy is recovering...

Know who you are in this election

9 / 1 / 2020

This election, know who you are.It’s the one thing the New Brunswick Union (NBU) asks of you when we head to the polls on Sept. 14.As a union we are non-partisan. We don’t ask you to back any specific candidate or party, but we do ask to remember who you are.You are part of the labour movement.That means you have a responsibility to make an informed choice, not just vote for the colour of a party.It means taking the time...

Potential election of no benefit to New Brunswickers

8 / 4 / 2020

With rumours swirling about Premier Blaine Higgs calling an election, it’s the opinion of the New Brunswick Union that it is unnecessary and hypocritical of government officials.There are several reasons for this position.COSTWhen it comes to programs and investments that would benefit New Brunswickers, politicians preach the same refrain: our economy is struggling and we can’t afford to do much.This doesn’t stop them from handing out tax cuts, payroll rebates and other forms of corporate welfare, but it is the...

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